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The government should stop spending $50 million per year on the Grand Prix and instead inject the funds into south-west roads and rail, says Vote 1 Local Jobs founder James Purcell.

Speaking following the announcement that, if elected, Liberal and Labor will spend millions on new train carriages in country Victoria – but none in south-west Victoria – Mr Purcell says it is time we stop missing out.

“It’s getting beyond a joke how much funding goes to other electorates and is missed here,” Mr Purcell said.

“We have the one of the highest youth unemployment rates in the state, industry is suffering and we’ve just heard of 100 job losses at Keppel Prince.

“It’s time south-west Victoria received the infrastructure upgrades and industry support we desperately need. How are we meant to attract industry and in turn employment to our region when we have pothole ridden roads and antiquated trains and carriages that are 30 years old?”

As part of Vote 1 Local Jobs eight-point plan, the new party is proposing the $50 million spent annually on the Grand Prix is instead put into south-west Victorian roads and rail.

“Does anyone in Warrnambool, Portland, Colac or Hamilton see any benefit from the Grand Prix? What about in Koroit or Port Fairy – are businesses flourishing because of the Grand Prix?

“No, they’re certainly not. Do we think businesses and communities in those towns are benefitting from the current state of our roads and rail network? Of course they’re not.

“In the current economic climate, with rising unemployment and industry decline, it is vital we receive funding and upgrades to roads and rail to give south-west Victoria part of the supporting infrastructure necessary to succeed. If we don’t get our roads and rail up to scratch, investment, industry and jobs will go elsewhere.”


Download as PDF – 141030 MR Funding for roads and rail