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Vote 1 Local Jobs is an exciting new political party which will change the face of politics in south-west Victoria.

Vote 1 Local Jobs will stand in the Upper House at the 2014 State election and while it has no intention of changing the government we absolutely can be elected to the Upper House.

At each election five representatives from Western Victoria are elected to the Upper House. In a situation unique to the area where we live, each election the Liberal and Labor parties have two representatives elected. The fifth spot changes each election – and this is the spot we intend to win. Country Alliance almost won in 2010 with about 11,000 votes and the DLP did win in 2006 with 10,000 votes.

The advantage of having Vote 1 Local Jobs elected is that this area will then get more attention and positive support from the government in power. The Upper House is the ‘watchkeeper’ of Victoria and responsible for passing or rejecting legislation. Having a local political party in the Upper House will provide greater support for the Western District.

Our policies revolve around the name of our political party – Local Jobs – and support exactly that; job generation, economic security and a better way of life for Western Victoria. They include:

    • Considering the capping of Council rates;
    • Cutting the $50 million the government spends on the Grand Prix and injecting these funds into country roads;
    • Stopping the foreign buy-up of agricultural land by rallying the states and legislating against these sales;
    • Creating better opportunities for Australian business by legislating against the dumping of foreign product in Australia;
    • Decentralising government services from major cities to make services easier to access by people in country areas;
    • Supporting local business through government incentives to encourage major investment and job creation in our region;
    • Improving the region’s healthcare, as a direct result of greater investment in the region
    • Supporting camping and fishing in public reserves;
    • Discounting HECS for country students.

You can read more about our plan to make a difference under Our policies.

All our policies are designed to create better employment prospects and a better way of life for Western Victorians. Without good roads investment will go elsewhere; a better cost of living and reduced overheads will encourage people to invest and create jobs here.

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