Protecting agricultural land

Our 8 Point Jobs Plan – #7

Protecting Agricultural Land and supporting the industry for future generations

  • farmland-cc-cimexusNO to coal seam gas – it will damage our ground water and ultimately cost us our way of life and jobs
  • NO to free trade agreements which will weaken our agricultural product
  • NO to the foreign buy-up of our farmland

Agriculture is the economic mainstay of Victoria’s Western District and should be supported to strengthen.

Coal seam gas, the foreign buy-up of agricultural land and free trade agreements are huge issues facing the agriculture sector. The Australian government is currently working on changes to the free trade agreement that could see China have the ability to purchase the entire Moyne Shire in just three transactions – with no questions asked.

It is critical to our agriculture industry that any agreement is at least equal to the existing free trade agreement with New Zealand.

Legislation supporting the retainment of our agriculture sector in Australia’s hands is vital. We are totally opposed to coal seam gas development and will introduce legislation against this dangerous process, as well as legislation stopping the foreign buy-up of agricultural land and restricting the secretive free trade agreements.

Not only that, we will be the voice of the country in these areas – it’s wrong that major parties based in Melbourne and Canberra are making decisions that impact on our home towns. They simply don’t have the knowledge, experience or care to make decisions that can take away our district’s livelihood.

In line with our education plan we would facilitate greater investment in agriculture training opportunities and incentives for youth to take farm roles. Work for the dole programs would be expanded to include the agriculture sector and an agency that co-ordinates the seasonal needs of farmers with people looking for work created.

These initiatives are designed to allow our agriculture sector to flourish and remain an appealing and viable career option for future generations.


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