Our Policies

Construction and building - Vote 1 Local JobsOur policies revolve around the name of our political party – Local Jobs – and support exactly that; job generation, economic security and a better way of life for Western Victoria. They include:

  • Opposing foreign buy-up of agricultural land by rallying the states to obtain federal government action;
  • Creating better opportunities for Australian business by legislating against the dumping of foreign product in Australia;
  • Decentralising government services from major cities to make services easier to access by people in country areas;
  • Cutting the $50 million the government spends on the Grand Prix and injecting these funds into Western Victoria’s country roads;
  • Supporting local business through government incentives to encourage major investment and job creation in our region;
  • Supporting Jumps Racing for the thousands of jobs it supports and millions of dollars in injects into our local economy each year; and:
  • Supporting camping and fishing in public reserves.

All our policies are designed to create better employment prospects and a better way of life for Western Victorians; without good roads investment will go elsewhere while a better cost of living and reduced overheads will encourage people to invest and create jobs here.

Our 8 point job plan details our key actions to generate jobs in Western Victoria.