VOTE 1 Local Jobs has announced its second Upper House candidate for the Western District – Tanya Waterson.

Owner/operator of her own communications business and a mother of three primary school children,
Ms Waterson said she had considered a tilt at politics for some time.

“I’ve always been interested in politics and was approached to stand for Council at the last election
but the timing wasn’t right for my family,” Ms Waterson said.

“This year my youngest child is in grade prep so I felt I was in a position to commit to being a
candidate at the state election.”

Ms Waterson said she was hoping to bring a fresh perspective to the male-dominated political scene.

“I think this election is so important because there is a very real risk of the area where we live missing
out again. If Vote 1 Local Jobs isn’t elected it is highly likely there will be no local representation for
the area where we live in the Upper House; the five elected members will be from Geelong and

“My husband and I chose to raise our three children, who are 10, 8 and 6, here and I simply want to
secure the best future I can for them and their friends.

“I want my children to be able to access quality post-secondary education in Warrnambool and
surrounds, if that is what they want to do. I want them to have secure and diverse job opportunities
in south-west Victoria and I want safe roads for them to travel to and from school, their social
activities and work.”

Ms Waterson is running the Vote 1 Local Jobs campaign for this election and also coordinated the
independent campaigns by party leader James Purcell at the last state and federal elections, which
saw him become the most successful independent candidate in our region’s history.

“I also hope that by standing I will stimulate a greater interest in politics from my generation. Every
vote counts and you can make a difference to your future by supporting a party which will support

Ms Waterson was educated at St Patrick’s Primary School in Koroit, before graduating as DUX of
Emmanuel College. She then studied her BA(Journalism) at RMIT, before returning to Warrnambool
to work as a journalist. She then implemented the State Government funded Streetlife Program
through the Moyne Shire and established the inaugural Great South Coast Regional Business Awards
before beginning her own Communications business while she raised her family.