More jobs and greater investment for western Victoria are the aims of a new local political party established purposely to benefit our region.

Vote 1 Local Jobs will be established by Moyne Shire mayor Cr James Purcell and he will stand at this year’s state election with the aim of securing a spot in the Upper House.

Cr Purcell agreed to stand in the Upper House when presented with the likelihood of no representation west of Geelong or Ballarat if the Napthine government falls in the Victorian November election.

Cr Purcell stood as an independent at the last state and federal election and is the most successful independent candidate in our region’s history.

“The purpose of Vote 1 Local Jobs is to make a difference to western Victoria, to enhance our way of life and ultimately secure greater investment and more jobs in our region,” Cr Purcell said.

“We’re not intending to change the government or defeat your local member – what we are intending to do is secure the fifth spot in the Upper House and that’s a very real possibility.”

In a situation unique to south-west Victoria, two Liberal and two Labor representatives are usually elected to the Upper House, while the fifth elect usually comes from one of the minor parties. Our election system – which sees preferences between parties and a quota allocation – means there is a high probability of securing the fifth spot.

“We’re not going to defeat the major parties, but we can definitely secure that fifth spot. To make Vote 1 Local Jobs a reality we need 500 members – and that’s where we hope you can help.

“There’s no cost, no responsibility and no obligation – we just need 500 people to go to our website, and sign up to be a member of the party.

“Once we have 500 members we can move forward with fighting for a better way of life for Western Victoria.”

The Upper House is essentially the ‘watchkeeper’ of Victoria and is responsible for passing all legislation. The advantage of having Vote 1 Local Jobs elected is that this area will then get greater, more positive support from the government in power.

Vote 1 Local Jobs is standing on a platform of exactly that – local jobs; and all policies are designed to support job creation, economic security and a better way of life for Western Victoria. They include:

  • Opposing foreign buy-up of agricultural land by rallying the states to obtain federal government action;
  • Creating better opportunities for Australian business by legislating against the dumping of foreign product in Australia;
  • Decentralising government services from major cities to make services easier to access by people in country areas;
  • Cutting the $50 million the government spends on the Grand Prix and injecting these funds into western Victorian country roads;
  • Supporting local business through government incentives to encourage major investment and job creation in our region; and
  • Supporting camping and fishing in public reserves.

“All our policies are designed to create better employment prospects and a better way of life for Western Victorians. For instance, without good roads investment will go elsewhere; a reduced cost of living and fewer business overheads will encourage people to invest and create jobs in Western Victoria.”