Member for Western Victoria James Purcell has called on the State Government to work with the Moyne Shire to solve the Port Fairy tip issue on East Beach.

Mr Purcell told Parliament on Tuesday night the problem was too big to be handled by a small rural council without help.

“While acknowledging Council is – and needs to – take control of this issue, it is apparent that it is a critical and massive situation that will need help from all levels of government,” Mr Purcell said.

“If it does cost $30 million to remove the tip and waste there will have to be government help to fund this – $30 million is obviously an impossible figure for a small rural council.

“However, I would hope the State Government may be able to provide additional support to resolve the issue – not just monetary – and we could reduce this figure.”

Mr Purcell said the temporary fixes to date had been a band aid fix and it was time for a permanent rectification.

“If this situation is not resolved the future of Port Fairy as a tourist destination, its economic security and the happiness of residents and visitors is hugely under threat.

“This situation needs to be resolved ASAP and needs State Government support to allow this to happen.”

Mr Purcell said he would work with the government and Moyne Shire to resolve the issue.