The Twelve ApostlesA $10 admission should be charged to visitors to the iconic 12 Apostles, says Member for Western Victoria James Purcell.

Mr Purcell said there were millions of visitors to the Great Ocean Road each year and the potential to generate millions of dollars for south-west Victoria.

“Our roads and rail are in disrepair and we find it extremely difficult to attract adequate funding for both these areas,” said Mr Purcell.

“An admission charge to the 12 Apostles would generate many millions of dollars, which could be returned to south-west roads and rail.

“At the very least it will help alleviate a massive problem for the residents of south-west Victoria.”

Mr Purcell has been actively seeking funding for an additional train service for south-west Victoria and funding to extend the Warrnambool station platform.

“It’s time we got the ball rolling on these issues and if funding is problem we need to think of innovative ways to generate more finances.

“Funds generated from an admission fee to the 12 Apostles could be used to upgrade the Warrnambool train station and establish passing loops, which would facilitate four return services per day.

“Alternatively the funding could go into our road network. VicRoads estimates $220 million is needed to bring Western Victoria’s road network up to the same standard as elsewhere in the state – anything will help at this point in time.”