Vote 1 Local Jobs - Working for Western Victoria11 July 2014


The Liberal Party has objected to the registration of Vote 1 Local Jobs as a political party.

The objection, received by the Victorian Electoral Commission on July 4, lists two grounds for the objection including that the party is ineligible and its abbreviation (LJP) is too close to the Liberal’s abbreviation.

Vote 1 Local Jobs leader James Purcell said he was surprised by the objection.

“I was very surprised to receive the objection as I really didn’t think the Liberal Party would pay us any attention at all,” Mr Purcell said.

“We’re a small party standing in the Upper House; we do have a very real chance of being elected so perhaps the Liberals see us as some sort of threat. I’m not really sure.”

Vote 1 Local Jobs is on its way to becoming a registered political party, working on securing the 500 members necessary to achieve registration.

Mr Purcell will be standing in the Upper House at the state election with the express aim of earning the fifth seat, which is typically held by one of the minor parties.

The objection lists this as a factor that makes the party ‘ineligible’.

‘It is not our intent to be critical of any party or candidate during the election process – we simply intend to put our ideas forward and let the public decide on our ability to represent Western Victoria,” Mr Purcell said.

“The more I think about it the more I think the main reason for the Liberal objection is that they think Vote 1 Local Jobs has a real chance of winning a seat in the Upper House. They also have an issue with us telling our members there is no cost, no obligation and no responsibility.

“For our members there is no cost, obligation or responsibility; the overwhelming majority of those who have signed up are concerned that there is no Western District representative from the south- west – they are from Geelong and Ballarat. Our members understand how important it is to have a member in the Western District fighting for their cause and as part of this they understand Vote 1 Local Jobs has a strong chance of gaining that fifth spot.”


For further details or a photo opportunity please contact James Purcell on 0407 550 707 or Tanya Waterson on 0437 658 007