25 July 2014


Vote 1 Local Jobs has been given the go ahead to register as a political party.

The Victorian Electoral Commission informed Vote 1 Local Jobs leader James Purcell of its decision yesterday, saying it disagreed with some of the grounds of objection from the Liberal Party and a private citizen.

The commission has requested two small changes, that the party’s constitution include more substantial rules about membership and a different abbreviation of the party name (currently LJP) is chosen.

“We’re thrilled with the outcome,” Mr Purcell said. “We didn’t feel there was any substance to the objection, but are still obviously happy to receive this finding from the electoral commission.

“Changing the party abbreviation is not an issue, we’ll make a final decision next week but are leaning towards V1LJ at the moment. It’s of absolutely no issue to us how we abbreviate the party name.

“In regards to the rules around membership, we are working on a structure which will be finalised next week. But we stand by our philosophy that there is no pressure on members at all to be involved in a greater capacity than they wish to.”

Mr Purcell said the party was now moving full-steam ahead on securing the membership numbers required to register Vote 1 Local Jobs.

“If you’re one of the 500 plus people who have supported us so far but haven’t yet returned your form to the Victorian Electoral Commission please do so, as the commission needs that form returned to reach the figure required.

“Over the coming weeks we’ll be stepping up our membership drive.

“We’ll now be moving full-steam ahead on registering the party and preparing for the election. We thank everyone for their support so far.”


For further details or a photo opportunity please contact James Purcell on 0407 550 707 or Tanya Waterson on 0437 658 007